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April 7, 2010 by admin

Several years ago I had this really unbelievably horrible and high-paying (well, for me anyway) job and I was sitting at my desk one day intertwining paperclips in the hopes of forming a noose so I could hang myself from the lobby chandelier when I realized, “oh my god, instead I could just quit this job and find another one”.   The “crash” was still a few years away and jobs were still there to be found but I knew I wouldn’t make that much money again.  It is a very scary and thin line b’twixt sanity and buying a pair of Gucci shoes.  I did leave that job but THAT story deserves it’s own novel. I left though with three amazing friendships and these lovely Aries are all having a birthday this month.  Happy Birthday Marie, Eva and Eva.

I just read an article in the Shanghai Daily news that the younger Chinese gals have a thirst for the designer handbag maybe even more than their American counterparts.  That may explain the new Louis Vuitton store going up around the corner which is the size of a Target Superstore.   Help me.

In other retail news…

There is a 6 floor “Barbie” store in Shanghai that I have been dying to see.  I made Natalie’s daughter, Margaret, go with me so I wouldn’t look like an old weirdo lady pouring over the Vintage Barbie section for hours without a child in tow.  They had Barbie Cafe and Barbie Salon and Nails and even a Haute Couture section.  The only thing that totally freaked me out was the “Tween” clothes section, it was like neon colored, trashy clothes with bows and sequins.  WEIRD.

Margaret having her picture taken with Ken and the other girls

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