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Happy Easter and Qingming!

April 5, 2010 by admin

It was a holiday in China too you know!  The Chinese celebrated Qingming this past weekend.  It’s a festival that has been celebrated for over a 1,000 years.  Qingming, or “clear brightness”, is a celebration of the end of winter, when the air and light become clear and pure and the people are refreshed by Spring.  It’s also known as the grave sweeping holiday when the Chinese people visit the graves of their ancestors and “spring clean”, if you will.   It has also been part of the holiday to enjoy dancing, picnicking and singing, as well as boiling and coloring eggs (I don’t think they have the Haas coloring kits yet).  Later the eggs would be broken to symbolize the opening and distribution of life throughout the earth…I prefer to eat them.

We had a beautiful, sunny day here for Qingming and it was truly appreciated.  We were babysitting (ahem, dogsitting) Charlotte and we took the dogs to the outskirts of the city for some fun.

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