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Marie in Wonderland

April 4, 2010 by admin

So I just got back from seeing the movie Alice in Wonderland.  I hadn’t heard anything about it, how well it did at the US box office, reviews, zilch, so Ken and I went in cold.  We both really enjoyed it and felt like we went on a fun and whimsical ride for a bit.  Except for the 3D glasses leaving a huge dent in my nose, we had a good time.  I was thinking on the way home how there are some similarities to living in China.  I mean, for sure, for sure, for sure the animals are trying to talk to me.  Oh yes, there are Coffee Bean and Starbucks everywhere, Kettle Chips, Vitamin Water and most importantly, two-for-one happy hours here just like home but many times it feels like a far away dream.  It definitely feels like you live in 3D here with scooters flying at you, odd shades of red hair and some really strange clothing combinations on some of the younger gals (I can take a good guess where the “Bedazzler” is made).   But then there’s the darling man who cleans up around our complex who always gives me a wave, a big smile and a nice clear “hellloooo” or the people who like to bark at bernie to get his attention as we walk by and my favorite, the elderly Chinese man playing the most beautiful music on his saxophone in the park everyday across the street.

Some pictures from a nice day in Wonderland…

A walk through Yuyuan Shopping and Gardens

Then on to the Bund (still under some construction)

A nice walk (in your pajamas) through People’s park

Home at last with Bernie…and Charlotte

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