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Looking Back

March 26, 2010 by admin

In the sixth grade my english teacher, Mr. Boisvert (bwah vare), thought it would be fun if we all brought in a baby picture and then we’d put them on a big board and everyone would try to guess who’s who.   An overwhelming portion of the class thought I was Calvin Chung, the only Asian kid in the class.  If only I knew then I’d be living in China one day.

So Natalie and I went for a little shopping at Carrefour, or Jia le fu for those in the know.   It’s two huge floors of everything you may ever need in the home, food or otherwise, for the rest of your life. They have Chinese and imported products, bicycles, plaid shirts, Rummikub, curling irons, a huge organic produce department, nice bakery, live and frozen fish section and, well, er, a meat department that could make Henry VIII faint like a little waif.

These pictures are courtesy of Natalie, I was busy putting my blinders on.

Yes, this IS what you think it is

Nice young girl wearing a “Chris Brown” trucker hat

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