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Flowers of the natural and unnatural kind

March 14, 2010 by admin

In an attempt to paint the town Shanghai Red, Natalie, Megan (Meghan, Maygan, Meigin, I really don’t know) and I went to dinner and a night out on the Bund.   For reasons that aren’t important right now, dinner consisted of a high-falutin club sandwich at the Peninsula Hotel piano bar which we all shared and I washed down with a really nice pinot noir.  Following dinner we  headed over to Chinatown Shanghai,  a really cute theatre that showcases a campy, burlesque/cabaret type show.  Just the thing for three gals right?   They had plenty of champagne and we had a plenty good time.

See if you can guess which girl is part of the show…

That’s right, the delicate little French Flower

The exquisite Chinese Magnolia just now blooming

“Absence doth sharpen love, presence strenthens it; the one brings fuel, the other blows it till it burns clear” — William Shakespeare

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