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Clean air, bamboo forests…and chickens

March 8, 2010 by admin

WARNING:  This story is not for the faint of heart or anyone vegetarian.  (Yes, Jenny already knows about this)

This past weekend was spent at the rustically lovely, eco resort, Naked Retreats and no, it’s not a nudist colony.  After a 3-hour drive south of Shanghai, this small bungalow type hotel is nestled among the bamboo forests in an area called Moganshan and it’s beautiful.  The manager, Doug, is American but most of the people handling the day-to-day operations are local villagers who live in houses dotted amongst the resort.  They cook wonderful dishes from the most fresh ingredients like eggs, local organic vegetables… and chicken.   The chickens sleep in coups at night but during the day they roam free and happy until someone’s crazy city dog gets a hold of one.   On our last morning while Ken had Bernie out for a quick walk, Bernie spotted about 25 chickens and roosters walking about 50 yards down the path.  He darted after them, chased them mercilessly and then before Ken could catch up, he got one in his mouth and shook it like only a rat terrier can.  He, the chicken, wasn’t dead but would have to be “put down”.  Our bungalow’s “Ayi” was there when it happened and brought the half-dead chicken to our bungalow, literally carrying it like it was a Louis Vuitton handbag (although they don’t tend to look you in the eye), to find out how we wanted it prepared for our trip home to Shanghai.   We paid her for the chicken and told her to keep it, thank you very much.  The manager told us we paid generously for the chicken and was surprised we didn’t keep it.  Which may explain why 15 minutes later I saw the Ayi and a few other villagers having a smoke and a very good laugh.  Ken wasn’t laughing so much and Bernie has a new fury in his eyes.  I found out later that this has happened more than once and the villagers don’t seem to mind as they make out pretty well.  We, on the other hand, will never be the same.   That little dog that’s afraid of his shadow, balloon’s and plastic bags blowing in the wind is a cold-blooded killer.

Look, it wasn’t a beauty contest, okay?!

Murderer in the Mist

Man Make Fire

Unknowing victims in our backyward

Amazing views and hiking

A Killer rests

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