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Your attention please

February 27, 2010 by admin

You probably think I posted this picture because there are pigeons in a bright pink cage atop a scooter.  No, no, NO!  I merely wanted to show you that the Chinese people have their cellphones glued to their heads just like everybody else!  I was getting a massage the other day (I know, my life is very stressful) and the woman in the room next to me not only answers her ringing phone but then talks for like 5 minutes!  I scared myself because I managed to have murderous images during a massage.  So let’s have a serious thought for the day (because I only HAVE one serious thought per day), can we please take a moment to think about our own cellphone usage and how we may be offending others?!  Thanks.

Now, what in the world is that guy doing with those pigeons on his scooter???

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