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You better shop around

March 4, 2010 by admin

Many years ago my sister and I were driving along La Brea Blvd. when we stopped at a red light and on the corner there was a store called “The Rocking Chair Store”.   From the passenger seat, my sister glanced over at the store and said, “when I look at that store I feel nauseous”.   I thought it odd that there would be a store that sold only one thing.  Remember that Saturday Night Live skit about the store that only sold scotch tape?  People kept coming in and asking for staples…or nails…or duct tape but no, only scotch tape.

Shanghai has so many streets where there are tiny, one-off shops that sell specialty items.  It’s really fun to wander each street, you can find gems around every corner.  Fruit, jewelry, tea and sometimes you come across the shop with the live fish, frogs and chickens but I don’t look at those if I can help it.

Specialty Greek store of all things


I’ve always loved a dark, seedy bar.  (Alison is rolling her eyes because I used to make her go to the Alexandria Hotel in downtown LA when it was absolutely NOT SAFE to do so)

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