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February 25, 2010 by admin

In the news:

Zhengzhou City Commerce officials are imposing requirements for the humane slaughter of pigs.  “The pig deserves at least 12 hours of being alone, some walking, patting and music to help them relax” before being slaughtered.

Dr. Wine

It’s a new wine bar that opened in French Concession and I loooove it.  Small menu with very good food and all the favorites, charcuterie, cheese plate, salads, quiche and a nice selection of wines ranging from really reasonably priced wines by the glass to the most high-end bottles.   Nice wine bar downstairs, tables and private wine-tasting room upstairs.  And even though I’m always saying wine is my personal cure-all, I really don’t like the name, I can’t help it.  Other than that, it’s wonderful.

To my great displeasure

While reading the Shanghai Daily News today I came across the following headline, “Lohan May Reconcile with Lesbian Lover”.  Well, the Chinese can now rest easier knowing that!  I did not come halfway across the world to have to read about that GD mess.

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