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“Pleeeease, don’t let this feeling end”

February 25, 2010 by admin

I have a fresh cup of coffee and bowl of cereal and I’m waiting for the Women’s Figure Skating Finals.  If I were in California watching this, it would be evening and I would be enjoying a nice syrah or perhaps, a bucket of margaritas, the ONLY way to watch this skating novella. I am giving a side-eye to the doggie valium I still have leftover from Chinese New year.  Back to figure skating, this final has it all and will provide plenty of action and drama needed:

A. the Korean and Japanese rivals performing near perfect short programs taking 1st and 2nd.

B. the canadian who’s mother sadly passed away days before the event skated beautifully to an enthusiastic and emotional crowd.

C. the skater from Estonia wearing the most unbelievably hideous costume in the history of all skating costumes.  Come on Estonia, give your ice princesses what they deserve, a swarovski crystal-encrusted, black, backless number and it wouldn’t hurt to throw in a make-up artist from the MAC counter! Geezuz.

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