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February 17, 2010 by admin

it’s my birthday today and poor Ken has to carry the burden all on his own.  This is my first birthday away from my family in all my 38 years.  Anysonot38yearsoldhoo, there will be no family BBQ or mother’s pesto or chocolate cake from Ralphs.  No Starbuck’s gift cards.  No having to “share” my celebration with my 19 year old niece, Lauren, who does have a tendency to steal one’s spotlight. Well I’m not one to make things about me anyway. So everyone, this year is going to be a “no gifts please” year.   Okay?   This year is all about making donations!   So instead of a birthday gift, I would like all of you to please make a donation to my plastic surgeon.   Thank you.

(I love you and miss you friends and family)

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