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Xin Nian Kuai Le!!!

February 12, 2010 by admin

That’s happy new year to you and me.  So it’s here, my first Chinese New Year.  I’m excited and a little…nervous.  I think there may be a reason every expat books a ticket outside the country for the next week or so.  So far though, the streets are quiet and it’s really peaceful.  But apparently starting tonight, it’s supposed to be like the Disneyland Summer Parade Fireworks explosion on crack + 40,000 M80’s with a little Gaza strip action and that’s Chinese New Year in Shanghai.  I had to take Bernie to the vet the other day and I was telling him I’m really worried about the noise.  He said it’s really bad and gave me a packet of valium and I was like, “oh my god, thank you so much, this will really help, AND I just bought some good scotch and they go great together!”.  He was like, this is for Bernie.  Then he tells me that getting the dose correct is really important because if it’s not enough he won’t be sleepy, he’ll feel “awake and invincible”.   Great.  So then do we take him clubbing?   To a gay bar?  Whatever, I like my original plan a LOT more.  Okayyyyyy, Mathew McConnahayyyyyyy.

To start the holiday off right, Natalie, Margaret, Davis and I made cupcakes!

Sugar High

Coming Down…


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