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Shanghai Surprise

February 12, 2010 by admin

Ken and I attended a dance concert titled, Shanghai Beauty, and was choreographed and performed by the Shanghai Jin Xing Dance Theatre group.   I have been to many dance performances and I always enter in with some trepidation.  Will it be too serious, artistically full of itself or just plain boring?!   This show was truly wonderful.  A gem.  A nice balance of cultural, political, fun and humorous dance pieces blending Eastern and Western styles.

The surprise is in the creator/choreographer, Jin Xing.  She was born a he and is the first transgendered person to be “recognized” by the government.  At the age of 9 she joined the People’s Liberation Army to receive dance and military training (what would Dick Cheney have to say about that?!) where she became a member of the military’s dance troupe and eventually attained the rank of colonel.  She later went to New York to study modern dance and traveled and performed and taught in Europe.  At 26 she returned to China and underwent sex reassignment surgery.  She now lives with her three adopted children and  husband in Shanghai.

Her dance company relies solely on private donation and has never received any government funding.  Should this company be performing in your city, go see it and be mesmerized…you’ll be supporting something really special.

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