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It’s like Mexico…

February 3, 2010 by admin

but without the margarita’s, drunken “spring breakers” and general murder and mayhem. Mexico has always been my favorite place for fun in the sun, so imagine how excited I was to find my “Chexico”.

We visited Hainan island this past weekend with friends and had the most amazing time.  It’s a beautiful, large island at the southernmost tip of China.  We were in Sanya, known for it’s beautiful hotels and beaches.  We passed through small farming villages, fishing towns and lot’s of lush vegetation.  There were animals roaming freely, a family of pot-pellied pigs, chickens, oxen, cows, etc.   The most delicious fruits grown locally and fresh caught fish.  The weather was warm and perfectly tropical.

Yalong Bay in Sanya

My sweet Chexican

I rented a jet-ski but it’s regulation that a “staff” person ride on the back.  So there’s basically a 12-year old boy with me, holding on for dear life.

Free Range

On the boat to the fishing village (it’s starting to feel a little “Apocalypse Now” if you know what I mean).

Captain on the lookout!


Very large squid.  I will have to pass on that.

Little Chexican’s


Phillip and Kate

Not at the fishing village anymore


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  2. Ron says:

    Absolutely fascinating.

    In popular media , China ONLY like to showcase its big cities but i find very little interest in them .

    Its this small places like Hainan island and sanya which are far more interesting.

    Thanks for sharing the pics.

    By the way , i am from India….

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