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January 26, 2010 by admin

In today’s Shanghai Daily News it reads:

Woman hopes Alba face-lift gets boyfriend back

So this 21 yr. old girl living in Shanghai wants to win her boyfriend back, who’s completely obsessed with Jessica Alba.  He bought her a “Jessica Alba” wig for Christmas and made her wear it.  He also made her wear heavy makeup and false eyelashes.  People laughed at her so she threw the wig on the floor and broke up with him.  BUT, “It was heartbreaking after splitting with him…(he) gave me a feeling like a family…I don’t want to lose him”.  She also adds, “I am a psychologically weak person.  I want to do something to challenge myself and build a strong personality through it”.  SO, as she doesn’t have the money to pay for her “Jessica Alba face-lift” surgery, she posted an add online and The Shanghai Time Plastic Surgery Hospital contacted her and told her if she REALLY wants it done and she REALLY thinks it over, they’ll do it for her, free of charge.

Here’s a photo of her and with her Alba wig and false eyelashes

There is so much wrong with this story I don’t know where to begin.

A. If it’s that easy to get a free face-lift than why the hell haven’t I gotten mine.

B. There is so much wrong with this story I don’t know where to begin.

C. She DOES look kinda cute in that wig.

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