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“Move those bodies, nu ren!”

January 21, 2010 by admin

I was just sitting here contemplating botox vs. mini-facelift possibilities when this thought just hit me, I should start Jazzercise classes here.  I could have my leotards made here and lord knows you can buy tights around every corner in this town.  Expats AND Chinese ladies would love it and it’s so much more fun to move around to music than be on a treadmill. I would start the class off with  “step touch and step touch” then “stretch to the sky, stretch to the sky” and then a series of pas-de-buerre’s to get warmed up while “She works hard for the money” blares in the background.   I’d shout out positive commands, “come on ladies, work it, you can do it”.

But then I was like, oh my god I’d have to come up with an HOUR routine and actually have to do it and it seemed like a lot right now.   I DO love a stir-up tight though.

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