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Guess what

January 20, 2010 by admin

I’d like to apologize to my readers (and by readers I mean reader, my niece leah who probably doesn’t even read this mess anymore) for not being a more regular blogger.  I know you’re all (ahem, Leah) hanging on every second for my next blog but it’s just that I’ve been busy!  I know it would appear that I have more time on my hands than any other person on the face of the earth sometimes, but I swear I’ve been busy.

A. I’m pet-sitting Charlotte (2 dogs + 2 walks a day + 2 feedings a day + 2 poops squared divided by constant barking = one tired mamma)

B.  I had some house-holdy type things to do

C.  Natalie is feeling better and she can get coffee now


We’ve been out and about going to galleries, bars, restaurant’s, bars and bars.

Cassandra and Isaac at Moganshan Lu Art District

The Happy Couple having dinner at Balthazar

Drinks at Bell

Waiter with bright purple shirt and a smile

This looks like something out of the Paris Match society pages

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  1. yes, I do still read this mess! haha. I still like to know what’s going on in auntie’s life. keep em coming!

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