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Friendship and Gall Bladders

January 13, 2010 by admin

So my friend Natalie is minding her own business when all of sudden she starts feeling bad, which turns into horrible and then before you know it she calls from the hospital.  She has gall stones with an acute infection.  You never think about your gall bladder until something like this happens, which I will now be referring to as “the nerve bladder” or better “the audacity bladder”.

She’s feeling better now and home from the hospital but will have to have her gall bladder removed next month.   But that’s the easy part.  For the next month she’ll have to exist on a diet of no fat, salt or alcohol.  I know, I’m like how is that even possible.    But then I had this thought  that maybe I should give up alcohol with her (shut up Jenny), be a cheelader of sorts, help her get through this.  But then Natalie said in all her wisdom,  “no, one day something like this may happen to you and YOU’LL have to give up alcohol..l would just wait until that happens”.   THAT’S friendship.  Cheers to you Natalie!

(and anyway, her mom is here visiting so I can always sneak away for fried calamari and dirty martini’s with her…)

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