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The Zhetson’s

January 13, 2010 by admin

I’ve been kind of obsessed with this abandoned hotel project not far from our home.   Construction apparently halted a year ago during the global financial crisis.  I really like the architecture, it reminds me of early 60’s modern Los Angeles type of thing.  Like the “Theme Building” at LAX built in 1961 which now houses Encounter.  Which is kind of what China is like right now, well it’s what Shanghai feels like anyway.  It’s churning and moving, the middle class are getting cars and paying cash for them (if you’re over 40 you’ll remember we used to do that!), they’re buying real estate, hair-cuts are getting crazier, artist’s are painting their angst over capitalism.

Anyprayingitdoesn’tallcomecrashingdownhoo, this hotel was just purchased by one of those “billionaires” out there and it’s supposed to be completed by the time the Expo starts.  Not sure if that’s possible but I’m excited to see the final product whenever it’s done.  I’m just hoping they have a good bar to hang out in.

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