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When the party’s over…

January 9, 2010 by admin

But that’s just it, it’s not!  Just when you think you’ve had your last sip of champagne, you’re deaf from fireworks and you can’t possibly eat another prix fixe meal, Chinese New Year is on the way!  I love China.  They are like the girl who sashays into the restaurant late for your dinner party with a cocktail dress on when you’re hosting in a pantsuit.  At first you hate her but once you get to know her she’s funny, refreshing and brings you the best gift.  I just think it’s great that while EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD is waiting for Jan. 31st midnight to kiss strangers, make a resolution to lose weight and have one of the worst champagne headaches of the year, China is like, um, well, that was fun, thank you but we are going to celebrate a little later, okay?  And we’ll need a week, at least.

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  1. Angel says:

    Hi. You’ve got an interesting blog here. Nice pics too. Sounds like a lot of things r goin’ on where you are. I would love to see Shanghai too someday. 🙂

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