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Are noodles fattening?

December 8, 2009 by admin

It seems my body is dying to put on it’s chubber coat for winter.   This “season” thing is bizarre…one REALLY does put their white pants and flip flops to the back of the closet.   Three months ago I was a blistering hot mess and now I’m a shivering, bundled-up mess.

As I was walking through Xintiandi to get my morning ka fe zai Xing be ke (coffee at Starbucks) there is one particular restaurant that has a speaker outside and they always play American music, even though the restaurant is called Nice (as in the city in France, not a personality trait).  This morning they were blasting Phil Collins (there are some names you think you’ll never have to type, you know what I mean?). “So take a look at me nooooow, there’s just an empty space.  There’s nothing leeeeft here to remiiiind me”  you get the idea.   It just made me want to cry.   Must be that time of the month.

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  1. Andy says:

    Noodles are delicious. I had dim sum at Empress Pavilion this afternoon and was reminded of that. Unlike Phil Collins, Empress Pavilion never disappoints.

    1. The food is good…
    2. It’s beyond reasonably priced (read: unreasonably cheap)… and
    3. I firmly believe that there is no finer people watching in all of Downtown. It is possibly the second craziest exposed bisection of the Angeleno populous (second only to Venice Beach, which is a wonderfully constant freak-parade).

    Phil Collins is similar to Empress Pavilion in that both have a “No Jacket Required” policy (only buttressing contention 3, above).

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