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Another day in paradise?

April 2, 2017 by admin

It’s amazing what trouble you can find even in the never-ending rainy days of April when a good friend is in tow, enter Natalie, my buddy from the days of living in Shanghai.

A night at The Bell and Anchor with all the usual suspects is always a must.  With Natalie I can always count on a madcap adventure but coupled with the revolving door of personalities in the off-season of the Hamptons and you’ve got yourself a Blue Ribbon time.  Each day I wake up a little more haggard, puffy-eyed and an ache in my side from all the laughing.  I realized one thing we have in common is that people like to talk to us and we have the patience to listen, I can’t decide if that’s a gift or not.

Case in point: we were out at the local bar one night when a quite drunk, 50ish woman (and I’m not talking about me) sought us out for a never-stopping-for-air chat.  She was very nice and it seemed she just really needed to discuss the hardship of her last child heading off to college.  Just as my mind started to wonder off she quickly brought me back to life when mentioning how much she liked TJMax (I get it) and that she got her Ivanka Trump pants there.  Then I started thinking about her voting for Trump and felt the rage boiling up inside me but I took a deep breath and changed my thoughts to what Natalie might sing at Karaoke (Tainted Love’ won out)

The following days consisted of walks in nature, feeding little birds and a few very big birds, watching a fantastic movie, a fun party, more wine, more delicious food and most importantly, long conversations with a good friend.  Thank you Natalie.










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