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December 3, 2009 by admin

In anticipation of the Expo, Shanghai as you know by now is getting a “facelift”.   Not a little botox mind you, we’re talking a lot of Joan Rivers, some Bo Derek and unfortunately, a little Jocelyn Wildenstein in there as well.   I’ve been reading in the paper that the local government is sending out a “pajama patrol” to try to get the locals from wearing their pajamas out in public.  It makes me sad because it’s something I’ve really grown to appreciate and after reading some of their stories about why they do it, it makes sense and it’s still better than pink sweat suits with ugg boots??!!

I’m just saying, there are many other things the city should be worrying about…like trying to cross the street WITHOUT GETTING MOWED DOWN!   Lord.

I understand wanting to make everything pretty around here, but “planting” a building is going a bit too far.


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