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A Bubbly Life

December 11, 2015 by admin

They say God doesn’t give you more than you can handle but I’m pretty sure there are people in mental institutions who would disagree.   Life can be hard!  But I believe if you have a roof over your head, people you love who love you back and have a curiosity and passion for life, it can help get you  through the difficult times.   I have a wonderful (French Senegalese) friend who told me the secret to his 40 year relationship is that he insisted as long as there is champagne and a housekeeper things will be fine.  I’ll drink to that amazing advise.

When I was young, before I ever considered kids, I wanted large amounts of animals.  I’m not sure if that was before or after I learned that a baby comes out of a tiny opening between one’s legs or that you are responsible for it for at least 18 years, possibly life.  And it certainly didn’t help that I learned about sex at a tender young age while my ear was pressed to my sister’s bedroom door as she and her friend discussed things I couldn’t believe were true, let alone something my parents did 6 times!!  So it goes that an animal sanctuary filled with young and old dogs, goats and potbelly pigs just seemed easier and more palpable.

Except for actually liking physical contact with a male, not much has changed.  I still want a ranch house with a huge yard filled with all kinds of animals (and a ranch hand to help me out for godssakes).  I want to give a good life to as many abandoned, hungry, sick, or just plain sweet and homeless animals I can find.  I also want a wine bar, world peace and a flat stomach but I believe a girl should have lots of dreams, one or two…will not do!   And lots of champagne and a housekeeper please.

In the meantime, I shall give my time, money (Ken’s) and efforts to helping those groups helping the animals.  Here are just of few.

Best Friends Animal Organization

Sea Shepherd Global

Guardians of Rescue

Mercy for Animals









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