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Chia Seeds made me fat

October 13, 2015 by admin

Not really, but I know they’re good for you so I try to eat some every morning with my yogurt.  They’re such little buggers it makes me wonder how many I have to eat to get the benefits and how much is too many?  So many things to think about.

Like how I was thinking this morning that in these times of upcoming elections, having to see Donald Trump every day in the news, the topic of gun control or abortion it’s hard not to judge people.  We assume that people who want to own 15 assault rifles are bad people, killers or even sociopaths.  Frankly, I’m most certain they are but we don’t have to judge.

I pride myself on my ability to accept others and their differences. My parents taught me this and I try to carry it on. Find the g0od in all or the God in the good (did I just make that up?) whatever, we are all one and should treat each other with respect and that includes drunk commenting on Facebook.  The only thing I can’t or won’t tolerate is someone who doesn’t like avocados.   I just can’t.  How do you NOT like them? It can’t be a texture thing.  A sweet or sour thing. It’s impossible to understand and makes me think they are just bad people.  I mean really.

But I digress.  I was in London last weekend and attended the Dolphins vs. Jets game.  I know, I know, the Dolphins lost (so not pretty), the coach got fired the next day but since I’m not the owner it was a really really fun time!  We also enjoyed an incredible dinner and dancing at 5 Hercourt Place, cheered the Dolphins on at Wembley stadium and met Dan Marino who is my new BFF.   To top it off, when we returned home to Water Mill there were turkeys in the meadow!!!  I love them, no judgement.








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