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You’re funny, god.

September 17, 2015 by admin

Ken is allergic to mosquito bites.  We know this because if he should get even one bite it swells up into a blister, drives him mad with itching and in turn he will drive me to madness with his endless complaining.  “I couldn’t work all day”.  “The itching kept me up all night”.  “I think one got in through the front door”.  We live on the 51st floor of an apartment complex, lest you forget.

Okay so this is how I know there’s a God and he has a wicked sense of humor, or Karma as some like to call it.  We’re back in the city on a really humid night and walking the dogs.  I have a short summer dress on.  We do our usual walk, 20 minutes, come home and I notice about 25 mosquito bites on one leg!  The other leg only had about 10.  They were all over, up and down my leg, in between my toes and up my thigh which got me thinking bad thoughts that kept ME up all night.  The itching!!  The swelling!!  I was embarrassed to wear shorts for days.  Jenny came into town the next day and all I did was obsess over it.  “They itch like crazy?”.  “People will think I have the measles!”.   I’m pretty sure she still loves me though.  Pretty sure.





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