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A little pre-wedding vacation never hurts (sort of)

August 5, 2014 by admin

My niece Leah and her fiance Anton came for visit this past week.  They’re getting married in November and in the throes of wedding planning so what a great idea to come to the Hamptons for a relaxing getaway.  And by relaxing I mean a 4 hour hike through tick-infested, overgrown trails with thorny vines where we saw a red fox and a black snake all so we could get to Oyster Bay…that was day one.  It was followed by mountain bike rides, cycling, running, hand-feeding the birds, hiking and a lot of oyster eating (Thank you, Harlow and Pierre’s).  And as always, really good wine, conversation and Scattagories.


IMG_1112   IMG_1111 IMG_1113     IMG_1120

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