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Just when you think you’ve seen it all

August 4, 2014 by admin

A woman hikes up her maxi dress, pulls down her underwear and squats down to pee right in front of me and the dogs on the sidewalk next to a Subway Sandwich shop.  Odd is that she just did it right in front of me, odder still was her pacing back and forth looking for the best spot to go, as Niu Niu always does.  Of course when I was able to close my gaping mouth I quickly turned and walked the dogs back down the street.

This reminds me of Jenny’s last visit when we were hiking in the woods.  I had to pee.  There wasn’t a soul around but I asked Jenny to be my “look-out” anyway as this is what we do when we hike.  We were on a hill almost at the top with Jenny standing a bit higher up than me.  While I was going, I happened to look down the hill and saw a man walking by!  As I quickly sprinted past Jenny while simultaneously trying to pull up my underwear and jeans, she was staring straight up into the sky.  That’s my Wingman.


New (old) wheels

New (old) wheels


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