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April 22, 2014 by admin

That ain’t no Easter bunny?!  Oh well, close enough


Ken and I spent a quiet Easter Sunday in Water Mill.  It was a nice day, warmer too and we both enjoyed some outside exercise.  We had a pleasant drive back to the city.  But when I took the dogs out for their afternoon walk down 42nd Street there were all these wild children running around, skipping, screaming, crying, back-flipping, it was utter insanity!  My dogs already consider anything under 4 feet something to be seriously afraid of.   This particular day was like an alien invasion for them or better, like being dropped in the center of the Electric Light Parade at Disneyland.  “What in God’s name is going on around here?”, I said to Ken.

Easter Sunday + kids + 20lbs of candy = Hell’s Kitchen Hell

So a week ago Bernie had a small lump removed from his chest.    He had several stitches and the doctor wanted him to take it easy.  Riiiiight.   On Easter we came home from a walk and he started throwing his tennis ball all over the place and barking and crazily running  from room to room.  Upon landing in the living room he began his Native American dance to the gods to make it rain turkey jerky, that’s what it looked like anyway.   The doctor told me he could wear a t-shirt to help protect the stitches.

Fame called and they want their tshirt back….


I hope you all enjoyed a beautiful Easter.


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