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“Wild” Turkey

March 17, 2014 by admin

My sister Jenny came for her bi-annual (hoping for tri-annual) visit to NYC except she never made it to NYC as we spent all our time in the Hamptons.  We “East ended it” as they say (no one says that).  It was to be a time filled with hiking, drinking wine, catching up with Mad Men before the new season starts and eating delicious, local food.   Check all.

There is a lovely park called “Elizabeth Norton Natural Reserve Park” after the giving and very rich woman who donated the land. I love this park because there is an area in the woods with trails where you can see deer, turkeys and if you bring bird seed, the birds will land in your hand and take the seed.  This reserve leads to a long peninsula out to the ocean where you can walk along the shell-lined coast for a very long time.   You never think you’re going to be chased by a limping turkey but that is exactly what happened.  We admired him/her from a distance but when he/she starting limping towards up with greater and greater speed and got super close, my sister instinctively lifted her hands in a cross over her heart and started trotting.  I followed suit.   Apparently he was going to peck out our hang nails?  I don’t really know.  Anyway, after a long and beautiful  hike out to the beach we made our way back to the trails where we saw other hikers leaving birdseed for the turkey.  Turns out he just wanted a hand-out, so to speak.

We also explored the trails in Montauk out to Oyster Bay, the ponds of Sag Harbor, ate local oysters at the American Hotel (I did anyway, they didn’t have any vegetarian ones for Jenny) and paid $30 each for a glass of champagne at Topping Rose.  I can’t say enough about the food though, WOW.

She’s gone now and so very missed.


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