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All the young girls love Celine

March 2, 2014 by admin

Recently I tagged along on Ken’s work trip to London.  On the days he worked, I spent the time walking all the neighborhoods and seeing the sights and on the weekend we enjoyed the city together.  London was full of excitement this particular week as it was simultaneously Fashion Week, the BAFTA’s, Valentines Day and most importantly, my damn birthday.  There were so many cute London girls.  I saw a few “Adele” types with their thick eyeliner and ratted coifs, the edgier ones with leather pants and elevator shoes and the perfectly styled and manicured girls that make you wish Kate Moss would stumble in and throw a martini in their face.  I wondered happily along the halls of Westminster Abbey, photographed the guards of Kensington palace, shopped the streets of Mayfair/Elizabeth Street/Kings Rd., circled around Sloane Square and made my way down the famous Pall Mall, pell mell (god that made me happy to type that, now if only it would come up in conversation…). On the weekend we took in the show “Once”, walked the length of Hyde Park and back and ate our way to BROKE.  London is one expensive town.  Do be sure to bring many schilling and a pence or two if you want to really tally ho right.








Now this might look like London but it’s actually taken after I got back to NYC.  It’s 23 degrees right here and I’d like to know what this little bird was thinking.


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