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Mrs. Kravitz goes to the Hamptons

August 18, 2013 by admin

We had some young friend’s visiting recently and we took them to our favorite local French restaurant , Pierre’s. As I’m taking my first sips of my martini made with non-russian vodka, I notice a man and a child come in and this man looks so familiar. I even turn to Ken to ask him if he recognizes him, thinking he may be someone we know from business. Then the young girl turns around and I see it’s Mary Kate Olsen and this man is her boyfriend Olivier, brother of the former President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy. I’ve tried to picture Carla Bruni and Mary Kate at family dinners together and I just can’t.

Anyway, it was an interesting sighting. I love fashion and have paid attention to Mary Kate and Ashley’s clothing line, The Row, for some time. While I do like some of the pieces, I have this weird thought that if the last lion on earth roamed into their backyard they would immediately kill it and skin it into the newest travel bag with matching cosmetic case.

On a more lovely note, we are experiencing some beautiful days at the beach.



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