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Sister Visit

August 13, 2013 by admin

I’ve had two sister visits this summer and I’m feeling like the luckiest girl on earth. Cynthia and Barry came, totally beautiful and fun normal visit. Then Jenny came.
First off, she told me this story about the “Nude lady at Macy’s”. How she asked the sales gal for “the nudest lipstick” and “the nudest cream concealer you have” and if that wasn’t enough, “nude eyeshadow”. Jenny said she didn’t even notice the woman, well how could she, she’s “nuded” herself out of the picture. I can’t seem to get this woman out of my head.

We had a great visit though. I could have done without the hike in 95 degree humid weather through the tick and bug infested forest but other than that, it was the best. And she makes a mean Manhattan this one.





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