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A Midsummer’s night review

August 13, 2013 by admin

The house in the Hammmmptons is now mostly furnished and lounge ready. We’ve enjoyed many guests and had to refill the BBQ’s gas tank. I’ve spent hours in the pool, at the beach, body surfed until I can’t feel my toes and the sun spots on my face that I thought were gone are now a nice golden brown. It’s been an amazing summer so far. However….
I would just like to add that there have been some rough patches.
1. I’ve seen every single past, present and possible future “Housewives of New York” (and one !NJ Housewife but who’s counting).
2. I will puke if I see one more Bentley, Maserati, Porsche, minivan or party planning truck speeding down our lovely little country road where I walk the dogs, deer pass frequently and children play.
3. Long Neck’s (Hamptons version of the Red Neck, I made that up and want credit for it).
4. Manhattan mothers “driving” Range Rovers who can’t park.

Anyway, after August they all go away and don’t come back until next summer, phew!

For some fun, light reading on the Hampton’s assholes, visit The Rude Hamptons







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