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When pigs fly

March 12, 2013 by admin

I just can’t let this story go.

I know I’m not “musing mandarin” anymore and we’ve certainly got our own issues I should be focusing on, the festering sequestering, prying the 20 ounce sodas from NY’ers chubby fingers, is Lindsey Lohan actually going to do jail time at last…

Let me get this straight. Somewhere b’twixt 1,000 and 3,000 dead pigs were found floating in the Shanghai river, which is used as a water source for the area. Many times I rode my bike along this river. It’s a pleasant ride, less traffic and a cooler place to be on a hot day. Anyway, they now know the pigs were illegally dumped because they were very sick with a virus, a virus that is becoming a big problem for pig livestock in China. Many of the pigs had organs taken out already. Local officials though have deemed the water supply safe. Okay,
A. The water wasn’t safe to begin with, factories have been dumping toxic waste in it for years.
B. I’m no doctor, but I’m quite certain that 2,000 sick pigs with gaping holes makes the water a bacterial nightmare.

The article discusses that there is a problem with sick meat getting to the market. What’s so strange to me is that they did take organs from many of the pigs but threw out the rest. Wouldn’t the organs be the most dangerous to eat??? If you’re going to do that then why not just pickle up the feet too? Dry up the ears and sell them to Costco as dog treats?

I just made myself sick. If you want to be sick too, here’s the article in full.
Poor Piggies

On a fun note, we don’t have any furniture and have not done any painting, wall papering or anything else to the Water Mill house but we DO have an Italian, 1950’s bar, priorities intact.


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