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Tough Week

November 17, 2012 by admin

It’s been a big week. Ken and I were in LA for two days to celebrate my dear mother’s birthday and to have an early Thanksgiving with his parents, needless to say, we ate well. At 5:30am, while on our way to catch our flight home, I consoled myself with the early time and 6 hour flight with the fact that I would be watching hours and hours of bad TV with a free bag of Pop Chips. But when we got up in the air and my TV was broken, my whole row’s actually, I broke down in tears. The $15 voucher the flight attendant gave me didn’t really help the flow of tears. The actress (i forget her name) across the aisle was watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and I strained my neck to watch but without the sound of their whiney and narcissist voices it was a bust.

Then I find out that my favorite sweet as a kid, the Ding Dong, is no more. I wasn’t a Twinkie person and while I was fascinated by the Sno Ball’s color and texture, the flavor freaked me out. But I loved the Ding Dong. I loved unwrapping that silver foil. My mother wouldn’t buy them but I stole from my friend’s pantry down the street, they always had a big box. Look, when you’re the youngest of six kids and you have to fight for the good food, you WILL steal snacks from your friends house. Anyway, I’m sad they are gone forever because of memories but I’ve moved on to stealing much better food from my friends now.

My favorite drive up Angeles Crest Highway


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