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Running Sandy out of town

November 4, 2012 by admin

I woke up this morning wondering whatever happened to Sally Jessie Raphael…

We took the dogs to Central Park this morning, including Cody who stayed with us over the weekend because his mother lost power in her apartment. As you know, the NYC marathon was cancelled after much ado, but that didn’t stop what looked like 50,000 people from putting on their numbers anyway and running all over the city. And they looked pretty angry. Maybe long distance runners always look angry, I would be if I had to run like that. Or maybe that’s just what happens when your body fat dips below 15%, I wouldn’t know about that.

The city is getting back to itself. The bars and restaurants are bustling. Subway riders are emerging from underground and many people got their power back this weekend. The lines for the gas stations are finally under 100 cars long…but it was devastating. So many didn’t have food, power or heat and no other place to go. Many couldn’t get to their jobs. Fine art was damaged beyond repair and apartments were flooded beyond belief and saddest of all, too many lost their lives.

If this is what climate change is going to bring on a regular basis then NYC is going to have to figure something out. And fast.





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