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Remember when?

October 8, 2012 by admin

Remember when you were young and your parents got you a dog and you fed them, walked them occasionally and if they didn’t run away then they died after about 14 years?

I took Bernie and Niu to their new NY vet and after blood and urine tests, poop samples, flea/tick/heartworm pills, glucosamine tabs for Bernie’s joints, bordatella shots, eye drops, I STILL have to brush their damn teeth every day. When Bernie was a puppy I hired a dog psychic to help me figure out why he was eating my furniture. Oh yes I did. Turns out he was just doing what puppies do. I don’t even want to tally the numbers as to what I’ve spent in leash training, bully sticks, harnesses, ill-fitting winter jackets, a t-shirt that read “bitch please”, Nature’s miracle, replacement rugs…should I go on??? Don’t talk to me about how expensive a college education is these days because I would spring for an IVY league education if I thought Bernie was going to get a job and finally walk himself.

For a peek into the dog’s day care, got to Dog City at MiMA

Adele, Trudie and Arrow on vacation together

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