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Gridlock and getaways

September 19, 2012 by admin

It’s been a crazy week and it’s only Wednesday.  Yesterday I’m on the Upper East Side at an appointment and when I get out, it’s drizzling so I right away try to flag down a taxi.  I completely forgot that President Obama was in town, holding some meetings then having a big shin dig with Beyonce and JZ (where was my invite?)…in midtown.  I had already flagged down the 3rd taxi and got the same answer, “I no go mid town, Obama here”.   The 4th taxi driver agreed to take me 20 blocks south and I could walk the rest.  That would have been fine but my flip flop got caught in the curb and I went flying forward.  Talk about your armpits on fire.   I took the dogs out for their afternoon pee when a windstorm came up and blew over a huge metal trash can in front of us after which Bernie refused to do any business of any sorts .  Then while walking two blocks to a restaurant with Ken (called 44 and X and it’s delish) we got hit by a passing rainstorm and were completely soaked when we got there.  You’d be surprised how much water can collect in ballet flats.  And if all that weren’t enough, Perez Hilton lives in our building. Hmph.

For a fun escape we took the dogs to the Hudson Highland State Park about an hour away for some great hiking and views of the Hudson.   Ahhhhhhhhh

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