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October 28, 2009 by admin

Get out your jazz hands, put on your Fosse feet and kick-ball change your way to Shanghai because they have  DANCE CLASSES HERE!   Last night I took my first Jazz class and when I heard that first…five, six, seven, eight! I almost wept.  Our teacher, Vitaly (Vee Tahhhh leee from Rrrrrussia), was just well, purrrrfekt.   While we waited for the “hip hop” class to remove their grills, straighten their sunglasses and clear the floor, Vitaly warmed up in the back, Baryshnikov style, with large leaps in the air and triple turns.  I had died and gone to Fame heaven, only now I was the oldest one in the class by at least a good 14  years.  But you know what?  I so schooled those little 20 yr. old Shanghainese girls and the two Italian girls too!  I ball-changed and pivot turned like there was no tomorrow.  For a second I got embarrassed because I thought the room was parting to give me the floor but that was in my dream last night.

I dedicate this blog entry to Todd, Gazel and Jenny, the best pas-de-bourree’ers ever.

I can’t mention Jazz class without throwing in a pic of Joe Tremaine.  He had a famous dance studio in Los Angeles that I had the pleasure to dance at (ahem, many many years ago).

Jazz D10


  1. hahahah too funny. jazz for chinese? trying to generalize here but aren’t they a little uncoordinated for jazz? ok maybe i am generalizing

  2. oops trying NOT to generalize**

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