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August 30, 2012 by admin


It’s been said that New York is the most dog-friendly city in the US.  I must say, it seems like almost everyone has one.  Many stores allow you to bring your dog in, which makes Bernie really happy, he always did love a bargain.  They’ve put little dog parks all over.  But the real kicker was when I found out that in Central Park you can have your dog off leash anytime before 9am (you can have them off leash after 9pm as well, but mamma doesn’t go to Central Park after 9pm, too many memories from the 70’s).  Ken and I took the dogs there this past weekend and it was so much fun.  Happy dogs and happy dog people.

But in some NOT so dog-friendly news…

I’m walking the dogs yesterday, one block up where I walk them everyday.  This street, like many others, has some big trees and the city has put tiny, wrought-iron “gates” around the trees to protect them.  Of course on any given day you’ll find 30 cigarette butts inside, a coke can, broken Jagermiester bottle, dead rodent, part of a Dunkin Donut and maybe even Jimmy Hoffa.  But while I’m stopped at this particular gate because Bernie and Niu want to sniff it (because 8.5 million dogs have peed there prior) this uppity, blond, pony-tailed, wrap dress and comfort shoes wearing chick comes up behind me and starts with “you know I read in the New York Times that dogs are killing all the plant life in New York City….I just thought you should know…” and walks away.   I was so stunned that the only thing that I could muster was a “yeaaaaaa?” in a thick Brooklyn accent.  I don’t know where that came from.  I was like, bitch please, you don’t even know that I just spent two years in China holding back a lot of punches and I am ready to get them out RIGHT NOW.  But the truth of the matter was that she was already inside her cozy apartment sipping her mint tea and drawing her nightly bath while flames were still coming out of my nose.

I’m going to need a thicker skin…

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