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Go climb a rock

August 27, 2012 by admin

Rock climbing was always one of those things I never wanted to do.  Ever.  That and sky diving are the two things I was sure never to do.  I like thrills, oh yes I do.  White water rafting?  yes.  Extreme rollercoasters? yes.  Snow shoe hiking? yes.  Mountain biking? yes.  Get a tour of Texas in a car driven by Randy Travis? Actually, no.  But rock climbing? Definitely not.  So you can imagine how elated I was when Mae mentioned wanting to do it on vacation in either Utah or Calistoga and Ken got right on the horn and made reservations for ALL of us.   He got a local recommendation from a Park City resident for White Pine Touring.  They can arrange and guide one through any outdoor activity.  Greeeeat.

On my first climb up (and after several bites of turkey jerky) I had severe “Elvis Leg” as they call it, uncontrollable leg shaking.  I was more scared than I’d ever been and I had a rush of endorphins.  But we had the best guide, Weston Deutschlander (not a typo, that’s his real name) and his dog Nelson.  Anyone who can coax me into hauling my lard ass up 70 ft. while gripping onto cracks and crevices is a miracle worker.  It turned out to be an amazing experience.  One I may never do again.

Nelson, bored, on the drive up to the Uintas


I reached the top!!! (now I have to come down…)

Mae and Abigael both on their way up


Go Ken!

Pre-Climb Stretch

All done and enjoying the scenery

And if that weren’t enough dilly dalling for one vacation spot, Ken and I went mountain bike riding the next day on the Mid Mountain Trail in Deer Valley.  The best riding trail I’ve ever been on.

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