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Rex Hairyson

August 7, 2012 by admin

No sooner did I type “Rex Hairyson” did I get that song, “I could have danced all night”, from My Fair Lady stuck in my darn head! Oh I hate that. Anycutestdogintheworldhoo, I just had to post this picture of Rex, 4-legged son of proud parents, Natalie and Jared. They have a two-legged son as well but we’re not interested in that right now. Rex lives in Austin and was enjoying a nice restful and contemplative moment when this was captured.

Which leads me to Zampa a wonderful little Italian restaurant in the West Village (looking at Rex in this photo makes me think of Italy, not sure why). They refer to themselves as a wine bar/kitchen and that’s all I needed to hear. The New Yorker’s love their burrata (I can hear Jenny saying, “who doesn’t??”), it’s everywhere, and Zampa makes some of the best I’ve had. Their menu is fairly small and everything on it is worth trying. I’ve had several fish dishes but they love their meat. Your server will pick you out a wine that will go perfectly with your dish and your taste buds. However, this adorable place is small and crowded so don’t plan on hearing anything that your date is saying, just keep nodding as you swirl more Amarone down.

Zampa’s rating: really, really, really, really good.

*this 4 out of 4 “really” rating was based on atmosphere, wine selection, food creativity, really cute lesbian food servers and quality of food. I was pretty typsy but feel certain this is all correctly stated.

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