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October 24, 2009 by admin

So Ken and I meet some of his team in a city about 2 hours out of Shanghai for a site visit this past Saturday.  When our tour is complete, we are starving but realize we have to get back to Shanghai for our Mandarin lesson so we’re going to have to grab the first fast food place we see.  It ends up being either Kentucky Fried Chicken or a chinese fast food place and the “team” thinks we’ll prefer the chinese fast food place, I mean why not, we love the food here (admittedly, I wanted to put my arms around a bucket of fried chicken). The chinese place is cafeteria style (need I say more) so ken and I rush through line and pick out a few vegetables, a chicken dish and rice.  Cut to the chase, “chicken” dish is actually intestines dish.  I take a nice hearty bite and yes, it tastes like s@+#! and I want to immediately expel it.  I don’t even know who’s intestines they were…cow,  hyena, giant panda??  Of course if my mother were to read this she’d just say “oh a little intestine nevah hurt anyone”.   Well, it was horrible and disgusting and Ken took a bite too so now we’re both scarred.

Anyhepititushoo, Ken will be moving into his permanent office next month and I’m so excited because it’s only about a 15 minute walk from home.

New office building


Gee, I wonder why he picked this building???


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