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Road Trip Final Day: Analysis

July 19, 2012 by admin

We’re here in the Big Apple!!!
So we leave DC, drive along minding our business and get to Manhattan proper. We take the George Washington Bridge because mamma wants to make an entrance, but other than that, no drama. We pull up in front of our building, empty the contents of rental car with concierge and Jenny takes the dogs up to the apartment while I drop off rental car two blocks away. In those 15 minutes, the most severe thunderstorm hits Manhattan. I call Jenny and ask her to walk over to Hertz place with an umbrella for me. In those two blocks back, we get hit by the mother of all showers. The streets are flooded, I lose both my flip flops in the “flash flood” crossing the street. Jenny retrieves them as they float past her but both our umbrellas get turned inside out as we are pelted by hail.

The main thing I’ve taken away from this road trip is that there are good American people, lots of them actually, that drink crap coffee. It’s just unnecessary. Jenny and I were wondering how the Europeans even survive an american road trip at all. They must surely be asking themselves, where are their autogrills?? Why do these americans still live like peasants??
Maybe they come to watch the funny monkeys behind the glass, I don’t know frankly.
But I jest. America is truly amazing and so beautiful. Yes, sometimes we’re toothless or wearing an ill-fitting tube top, eating something fried with a mound of cheddar cheese on top only to be guzzled down by a 12 pack of pabst blue ribbon and then hitting the highway in a truck carrying a concealed weapon but by god we are a nice, caring, diverse people living in a majestic place. From sea to shining sea…








Some shoes we picked up along the way at Heirlooms in Basalt.



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