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Final night: D.C.

July 17, 2012 by admin

After a rough night of Comfort Inn, Anywhere, Ohio, and having no other choice other than Sutter Home Cabernet on the menu, it was nice to land in D.C. at the Willard. I used Amex points to get the room and so fittingly, Jenny and I are acting like Mr. And Mrs. Howell, III. Anyway, it brings up the issue of the “pet policy”. I (read Ken) have spent more money in hotel pet fees than a family of four spent for a week’s stay at DisneyWorld, buffet breakfast included. Which brings me to the question of “child’s fee”. Kids are running around the room, eating all over the bed, peeing everywhere, crying, whining and throwing toys, and they get to stay for free??? What the hell? I’m so over these unfair practices.

Anyhoo, we land in Manhattan tomorrow, our final destination. It’s been an amazing road trip and a wonderful time with my sis. We are still on speaking terms and I still consider her my BFF so I guess it was a success.












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