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Road Trip Day 6: Road Hags

July 16, 2012 by admin

Oh my lord it’s official, the sturdy and solid driving duo of Homer – Wong has gone from cute road warriors to road hags in 6 days. It worked out okay in Cambridge, OH since the only places to eat are Cracker Barrel (nixed right away as they don’t serve alcohol) and The Forum, an eclectic blend of Greek, Italian, American and nachos, you get the picture. Oh, and the constant array of fast food choices. It’s sad though because Cambridge is actually very beautiful with an historical old town dating back to 1881 and amazing Victorian houses. The town now though is flailing with mostly store vacancies and lots of run down old lovely houses.

Besides our beauty issues, we’ve almost completely lost our minds. In checking out this morning, the clerk asked me our room number and I gave her the number from two nights ago (she wishes they had 11 floors). Then Jenny handed over our plastic room key cards in the envelope and managed to put her debit card in there as well. The girl tried to give it to me but I couldn’t really read the name on the debit card but knew it wasn’t mine so I tried to give it back. But it was only a minor disaster compared to what happened at Starbucks later when they didn’t know what a “dry cappuccino” was. I almost had to have Jenny committed. File that under “scary road shit”.











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