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Mid-trip: Car dancing

July 15, 2012 by admin

Between the iPods of Jenny and I, we have just about every song from every genre covered between the years of 1942 – present. Through the long stretches of Kansas prairie driving or the winding Colorado mountain curves, we’ve had to fox trot, shimmy, get down, shake that booty, rock on and do head rolls …from the waist up.

Today we drove the lengths of Mizzou and Illnoy (Missouri and Illinois). Both beautiful and filled with nice people. Lots of experiences too. In Kansas City we encountered fireman in the streets carrying a boot and asking for donations to help fund their services. Tonight in Hot Earth (Terre Haute, Indiana) we were fortunate to meet Morgan, at The Copper Bar. She is a lovely, positive, energized 23 yr. old who we enjoyed a nice chat with. She has experienced so many hardships already at her young age but carries on through life with courage and an uplifted look on life we could all learn from.








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