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October 19, 2009 by admin

I remember when I was in Hong Kong the first time (13 years ago) visiting a friend who was an “Expat”.  His friends were all “Expats” too from different places around the world living what I thought to be an exotic life.  Someday I wanted to be an Ex-patriate too, an “Expat”.  I’d have an accent and drink Bombay Sapphire Martinis and take my holidays at the beach in Cambodia or in the Burmese mountains.   Now all I hear is this nagging voice, it’s Sarah Palin and she’s ranting at me, “It’s just Expatriotic is all it is, EXPATRIOTIC!!”.

On that note, I thought I would give you a really quick and easy recipe for Ginger Tea.  It’s super tasty and good for you.  It’s also great for your digestion and Ken’s dad likes it and that’s good enough for me.

Cut up about a two inch piece of fresh ginger (pieces don’t need to be that small) and boil in about three cups of water for around 10-15 minutes.  Take 1/2 lemon and squeeze juice in and throw rinds into water too, why not.  Take off heat, stir in tablespoon of honey and some mint, if you have it.  Let sit a few minutes and pour.

Kick your feet up and relax…

The Chinese have the right idea, here’s some “lounge” chairs you see around town.


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