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Mommie’s Day

May 11, 2012 by admin

Everyone always talks about how great their mom is but MY mom is the best in the world so, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah!  My mother brought 6 children into this world, 5 without an epidural if you must know.  She raised us to be smart, confident and talented individuals and it’s totally not her fault that this didn’t happen, she tried god bless her.  She taught us to share, be kind and humble, how to yell at grocery store clerks and that getting old sucks.  I think her exact words were, “I used to have the most amazing legs…”.   She is strong, selfless, Italian and therefore can chase a bad child down a narrow hallway with a wooden spoon while rocking a Vidal Sassoon haircut. Sadly, I inherited my father’s passion for vodka, fried potatoes, a flat nose and somehow escaped getting any of his extreme IQ genes or patience (and where did I learn to curse like a sailor?) I CAN still bust a move though, does that count for anything?

My mother is now 86 yrs. old and the sassiest, smartest, bridge-playing, bingo and hot dog selling, sequin wearing, beautiful lady in the world.

Happy Mother’s Day little lady, you’re the best.

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